Required items for Remodeling


1.   Complete the Building Permit application and attach a complete diagram of your building project. Sign the bottom line along with the Contractor’s License number. The contractor’s license number must be on the permit unless the owner is self-contracting and completely omitting the contractors name off the permit.

2.   If remodeling more than 50% of the assessed value then a possible County Zoning Permit may be required. Call the Zoning Department at 920-232-3344.

3.   Complete the Electrical Permit and Plumbing Permits if applicable. Fees are on the permits and should be added up and included with the Building Permit.

4.   Heating and Air Conditioning permits are required if the equipment is being replaced or if any alterations to existing ductwork are being performed. (Ductwork extension, etc.) Fees are on the permits and should be added up and include this permit with the Building Permit.

5.   All above items must be completed prior to permit issuance.

6.   Example building fees: 400 sq ft project being remodeled.  400 sq ft x 10 cents = $40.00 + Base fee of $50.00 = $90.00 (Plus town fee of 10% or $10.00 which ever is greater) + $10.00 = $100.00 for the Building permit.  Plumbing, electrical and heating permits are additional fees. Town of Neenah Fee Schedule.


Gary Klinka




                Basement egress window requirements Click Here







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